Boxes used to hold loose papers from Brown County court cases.
 Brown County Links

Brown County researchers are fortunate to have the Brown County Library, Brown County History Center, Brown county Courthouse and the county office annex building all within easy walking distance of each other, a sort of genealogy campus.

For more information, please use these links:

Brown County Government Offices:

  Brown County Public Library: 
  • There is a genealogy link on the Home Page
  • If you go to Catalog and search on "genealogy", you will find many pages of genealogical resources.  You can use "advanced search" to narrow the search results.
  • The library editions of and can be accessed through E-Resources if you have the proper authorization.

Brown County History Center Archives:
  • Link provides information about researching at the Archives
  • There are Archives' assets besides those listed on their webpage, including a file of Brown County surnames, one-room school information, information about Brown County organizations and information donated by various individuals