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Publications For Sale

Several books about Brown County have been written by local authors and are available for purchase. 
The Reeve Family Studies books were written by Helen & Kenneth Reeve.  Each Family Study is specific to one Brown County surname.  Click on the button below to see what Family Studies are available and view the pricing for the various Studies.

If you would like to purchase a paper copy or PDF version of one of these documents, please contact the Brown County Genealogical Society or the Brown County Public Library.  The Library will sell Family Study PDFs to walk-in patrons.  They will also sell paper copies of smaller Family Studies to walk-in patrons.  The Genealogical Society will sell PDFs to walk-in visitors or will deliver them via email.  Paper copies will be mailed or can be picked up in person, if pre-arranged.  Postage and handling will be charged for mailing.  Please use the form below to contact us, and we will determine the amount of postage & handling for your order.

Family Studies File

Brown County Genealogical Society also sells paper copies the books listed belowPlease use the form at the right to contact us for the amount of postage and handling for your order, or to pre-arrange pick-up in person.

Reverend Warren C. Chafin                                         $20.00

The Sunday School Man - Rev. Chafin                       $20.00

Brown County Folks                                                      $20.00

Federal Land Entries                                                     $20.00

Bear Creek Church                                                        $20.00

Beech Grove Union Church                                         $15.00

Harmony Baptist Church                                             $30.00

Christianburg United Methodist                                $20.00

Cottonwood Church                                                      $20.00

Grandview Church                                                         $15.00

Early Churches of Van Buren Township                    $20.00

Old Georgetown Presbyterian Church                      $20.00

Parkview Nazarene Church                                         $20.00

Pikes Peak Church of Christ                                        $20.00

Salem United Methodist Church                                $20.00

Brown County Marriage Books 1 & 2 (1836-1874)     $7.25

Brown County Marriage Books 3 & 4 (1874-1900)     $8.75

Marriage Books 1-4 (two-book set)                            $15.00

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